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Mac JDeveloper – Show in Finder

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Ever wanted to easily reveal a file that you’re working on in JDeveloper in the Mac OS X Finder?

Here’s how to set up a toolbar button and context menu item to do just that:

  1. Go to Tools – External Tools
  2. Click New…
  3. Choose these settings:
    Type = External Program
    Executable = open
    Arguments = -R ${file.path}
    Caption = Show in Finder
    Add Item to Menus = Tools Menu, Window Context Menu, Source Editor Context Menu
    Add Buttons to Toolbars = Main Toolbar
    Log Output to Messages Log = unchecked
    Enabled = When a file is selected or open in the editor

Once you’ve created that tool, simply right-click a file in the application navigator, right-click an editor, or use the toolbar button to switch to have JDeveloper automatically switch over to the Finder and open a window with that file selected.